True to our name, Mind Benderz Media Pvt Ltd is a true blue advertising, film and video production house promoted by renowned production professional, Jamal Ahmad Rao. Exceptional Video doesn’t just capture. It requires meticulous planning and lots of patience. Be it corporate video that tells the story of an organization, promotional video that sells product or service, documentary film that dwells in hardcore reality, training film that empower people at large, program film that portrays the real story, fundraising video that supports a cause, a compelling short film or a 10 sec TVC, Mind Benderz Media does it all. .A Delhi based production house, we act as one point production facilitator in Delhi and Mumbai associated with film directors, Advertising Agencies, Documentary & corporate filmmakers or production companies looking for one stop filming services anywhere in India. Having been in industry for more than 15 years have given us complete industry know how of the electronic media world.

About The Company

Out of the box thinkers Mind Benderz Media is media production House that promises to offer best services in the making of Ad films, Digital content (digital ads & web series), Corporate films, Films and animation films/ explainers. It's a one stop solution for all the production needs i.e. from pre production to post production.
Having worked with brands like SBI, LG, PNB, Air Asia etc. We ensure highest standards & quality output. We completely understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements therefore every project is evaluated individually. We are very specific and detail oriented in accessing the creative and specific production needs & other parameters keeping in mind the budget & deadlines. Strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of local resources helps us in executing the project with utmost efficiency. Our crew is highly experienced, professional & holds reputation in the media industry.

What We Make

Mind Benderz Media executes every task related to film production ranging from pre production services, production services, and post production services PAN India. We are equipped with 4K and full HD post production facilities. We work as a line producers, production controllers, production designers and production fixers for you and arrange everything related to shooting in India from cast and crew, camera and lighting equipment’s, complete grip set-up, locations and shooting permissions, catering, accommodation, transportation as per your requirements. Your project budgeting is done in the smoothest possible way for your projects to be the trend setter. Our comprehensive working style helps you save money and time.

Power of storytelling and cinematography has taken web space through the roof. Our content team has established itself in setting the industry bench mark. One of our major skill set lies in branded web series production, Mindbenderz Media boasts of a phenomenal crew that indulges in generating creative storytelling ability, has immense technical knowledge and cinematography skills to narrate a story.

As a web series production service provider, our focus is to capture the audience’s attention while still showcasing top-notch content. Web series we produce give the brand quality that links itself with the envisioned audience on a level that is difficult to do with other forms of advertising.

Leaving a lasting impression on audience is critical to the success of any television commercial. We at MindBenderz Media develop innovative TV commercials for your brand /products with a vision.
Every TV commercial we produce is shot with great care keeping the brand aesthetics in mind.
We create the perfect themed commercials for your products/ services that evoke the desired response from viewers.

Why Does Your Brand Need an Ad?
Any business that has started to generate revenue is the right business to introduce their brand / Product to the larger audience. To take business to the next level and catapult it on the national stage Ads are required. The message could be launch campaign, tactical campaign, brand communication etc.
TV advertisements help brands To Reach out to a high number of audience with focused demo graphical reach.
People still watch television on a daily basis which is why TV commercial are the best way to project your brand to the masses & classes alike to instill a long lasting image in their minds.
Even with so many other sources of media for brand awareness, TV still remains to be the most dominant form of advertising medium. It reaches a much larger audience in a short period of time.
Latest trend in advertising is Digital Media advertisement. Digital media opens up new opportunity for the brand to reach the right segment. Along with TV, digital media has opened up all round brand messaging to their target audience.
This has opened up a whole new horizon for your brand visibility and engagement.
We know what it takes to create a thrilling TV commercial ad and this is what makes us one of the best TV commercial production companies.

Here are certain key elements you can expect from all the ads we create:
  • Emotional connect: Our life-changing ideas, help your brand to invoke emotional connect amongst the audience, we not only evoke but instill emotions.
    What is an ad cannot evoke emotions in the audience !. 
  • Call to action: Any AD campaign which over a certain period of time does not convince viewer to take some positive action is not considered to be effective campaign. Every advertiser wants increase in sales / revenue in due course. Hence every AD should make the viewer take an action, the kind you want from your audience. Campaign should not only be creative but also be smart. 
  • Positive association: Every brand that advertises has one common objective of passing positive message to the consumer. We are very mindful of the fact that the campaign produced rubs of positive impression on consumers’ mind. A positive ad reflects the values and ethical inclinations of a company creatively.
  • Trust: The only way people buy your products and keep coming back to you is by building their TRUST. One way to ensure that is by the promise of your product, the other way is to build that trust through your TV commercial. Even Zig Ziglar said so “If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you.”

New age media in form of digital media has created its own niche and has gained its own fair share of popularity in this era. Various trends keep reshaping the digital market. Therefore, we keep up pace with the latest trends. We’ve started making digital ads/ videos as per the clients’ requirement.

One of the recent trends that brands are following like a swarm these days is corporate films. It is a perfect medium to convey positive message to your employees, partners, stake holders and consumers etc. A corporate video is an effective and more creative way of communicating brand story which ropes in their vision, mission and beliefs. People nowadays are consuming video content way more than any other content format.
Amongst the clutter of corporate Video Production Companies in India, Mind Benderz Media stands out because of its exemplary work.
At Mind Benderz, your wish is our command. We make sure that the end product delivered is better than what you were expecting.

Why your company needs a corporate video?
Corporate videos are a very powerful interactive and impactful tool. They tell a story in a more powerful way which helps in gaining the trust of the target audience.
The use of a corporate video is a level up in marketing schemes and thus, gives an edge to the brands that are following this marketing trend.
The reach and engagement of the video format is way higher than any other content form.
Corporate video is a synopsis of everything that a brand wants to convey and therefore helps in getting more user attention.
The return on investment or ROI is very high with corporate videos.

How corporate video leaves an impact on the target audience?
When the audience is aware of a brand story, they feel more connected to the brand and thus they are more likely to use / influence the consumers.
Corporate videos have an indirect call to action, such that after watching it, people might feel curious to visit the client’s company website or social media pages. This helps in increasing brand awareness.
Emotional connect in a corporate video works as an cards of aces. For example – If a certain brand has existed for generations, it can introduce a creative video with the message “We cherish being your companion since ages” which leaves a long lasting impact on the audience.
Mindbenderz Media helps in establishing the brand in a better way. If you are wondering where to start, we being a seasoned corporate film makers can help your brand achieve more with corporate video.
With a burning desire to excel, we are here to offer best of our services. Our team is well-versed with various stages of making a corporate video – from conceptualization to execution, from storyboard to design implementation. A corporate video should not seem boring or just a pretty little story without a soul. Reach out to us to create a convincing thought provoking brand story. After all, the conviction with which you deliver makes all the difference!

Animation is in! These days. It is really big in the entertainment space. Across the world, mainstream animation films make as much money at the box office as other blockbusters do. They get screened and reviewed alongside major releases. There are several big-ticket celebrities who are jumping on to the bandwagon by lending their voices to characters. In fact, the movies are so popular that the producers are scrambling to make sequels and spin offs.
Animation has always been an integral part of creating effective corporate films and television commercials. The title sequences, scene transitions, visual effects, logo assembly sequences, closing pack shot panel with sign-offs and taglines all these extensively leverage the latest 2D and 3D animation techniques. Mindbenderz films has significant capabilities in this specialized skill – right from visualization and conception to the nuts and bolts of the animation process and the final execution.


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Our Team

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Manish Tyagi

Marketing Consultant

Ravi Kapoor

Creative Producer

Ramesh Nautiyal

DOP/ Technical Consultant

Clients’ Speak

  • Ankur (Managing Director)
    “We were stuck with our old agency for almost 5 years, though they were good but lacking in fresh ideas and then Mind Benderz Media happened to Greenroom and we are happy with their work”.  
    Ankur (Managing Director)
    (Greenroom Creative)
  • Manish Tyagi (Managing Director)
    "Our engagement with Mind Benderz Media for Corporate video was excellent. We were thrilled with the partnership displayed through creativity in problem resolution and most of the times reading our minds. They are thoroughly reliable in time commitments and consistent in meeting our expectations. The ability to cut through the predictable challenges of a project and deliver the expected results is unparalleled. Would love to recommend them for their professionalism and service."    
    Manish Tyagi (Managing Director)
    Infinity Marketing Solution
  • Gautam Chatterjee  (Creative Consultant)
    “We at State Bank of India really appreciate and acknowledge the multiple video assignments being undertaken and delivered by Team Mind Benderz from time to time! With their intelligent hard work and dedication, they have almost become an extended arm of SBI Banks! Wishing them good luck and great success!”
    Gautam Chatterjee  (Creative Consultant)
  • Kewal Sethi (Producer)
    “Launching and running a daily soap in Delhi was not a cake walk. At production level, it seemed too difficult to us specially when it’s a leading channel like Zee TV’s show. But with the exemplary support of Jamal Ahmad Rao from Mind Benderz Media, it made possible. He worked tirelessly and provided all the production support from his Delhi crew, from locations to everything. His team was too professional and passionate towards work. They were available 24*7 for us. Highly recommend Mind Benderz Media from Delhi for serial/webseries productions.”
    Kewal Sethi (Producer)
    Parin Multimedia
  • Raghvi Khurana
    “We have had a very rewarding experience with Mind Benderz Media for developing our Corporate Film. Some of the strong points of this Production House that we liked were their ability to constructively ideate and give meaningful creative inputs with a quick turn-around time and most importantly strict about meeting deadlines. Definitely my go-to Mind Benderz Team for all my projects for the future. Highly recommended.”
    Raghvi Khurana
    Capital Business System Limited
  • Sajan Chopra (MD)
    “Thanks to the entire Mind Benderz Team for timely execution of the Air Asia and LG Digital Commercial. These Commercials has got encouraging responses from entire fraternity including our Agency.
    Sajan Chopra (MD)
    ATB Studios

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